Artist Bio

My early years

I was born in the early seventies in Brighton, a coastal town in the south of England UK.

My earliest experiences in anything creative began with painting and drawing. Interests developed with anything mechanical, electronic and an attraction to colour.

Throughout my childhood, I experimented with traditional art materials from pencil line work, watercolouring painting and acrylics. Much later into my teens I got into home computing graphics.

At school my favourite subjects were art and Design Technology.

Judgement day

The pinnacle in my life has to be how I entered my present career. After an apprenticeship opportunity that my father had found an advert in the local newspaper. I was very lucky when I was selected to complete an apprenticeship while studying and acquiring experience in the real work.

For the best part of my 28 years, I have held various professional posts with a same employer. My experience ranges in computer aided design, graphic design & digital artwork production skills, Information Technology and Interactive Digital Media. But my overarching specialist field is in cartography (art of map making) known in these days as Geographic Information Systems.


I would best describe myself as a multidisciplinary artist because of the way I use my art materials and mediums. My tendency has shifted from using conventional art materials to digital.

My long term challenge has been to recreate conventional art materials using digital software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Undeniably, I always start with a blank canvas and on some occasions might use a photograph I have taken.

The length of time for each artwork can be a lot of pain staking time, ranging from approximately an hour for smaller painting to over three hours for a medium sized painting.

Invariably, depending on the mood I am creating, I might add some conventional art materials. This deems the term as Mixed Media.

My influences range from a wide set of subjects including:

  • thoughts
  • wellbeing
  • fashion
  • interior design
  • my environment
  • nature
  • modern society
  • politics
  • animals; and even the British weather!

When I’m not painting, I’m still creating

For me life and design go hand in hand and a contributing factor is how practical crafts can provide stimulation or happiness for another person.

With all the plaudits received about my paintings on social media sites like Instagram over four years, the greatest satisfaction is to know that my artworks make someone happy or it’s brightened their day and they enjoy looking out for the next painting.

Similarly I seek that same satisfaction when I am crafting with wood, metal or clay. But last year as part of a challenge, I began crafting with non toxic resin.

I am delighted to share with the launch of my paintings, a line of all sorted uniquely designed jewellery crafted in non toxic resin.

Currently my jewellery is for sale at my Etsy store link: GoldappleartsShop, hope you will find my work interesting.

Thank you for reading this far!