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Bespoke orders underway

Handmade Jewellery in Brighton

This weekend is a pretty busy affair with Christmas in two weeks time. I am finishing off bespoke orders for clients.

Both orders are for circular pendants, the first in the theme of mermaid colours.

Check out the video, the final phase of polishing before packaging.

And the final result, a pendant that can be worn either side.

The second order is a pendant in my Mars theme. Again this piece can be worn on both sides. Check out the photos below:

The dimensions of circular pendants are 30mm diameter and 5mm depth.

If you would like bespoke pendant created, please contact Gold Apple Arts here:

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Remembrance Day

Artist creates commemorative paintings

This past week I listened to BBC Radio 4’s broadcasts of Soldiers who have survived the World War. No war is justified by loss of human life, however this series was both educational and disturbing, trying to place yourself into what life was like back then and the limited choices leading to much despair.

In remembrance to all nationalities gone before us, May the Perpetual Light shine upon them and may they rest in peace, Amen.

I dedicate this painting to mark 11th November 1918. BBC Radio 4’s broadcasts. Painting 100×100, original mixed media, ©️2018.

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Customer satisfaction

In any business, attention to the smallest details and focusing on the final product is key to pleasing our customers especially in this day and age.

I was delighted with my first sale a couple of weeks ago and further delighted by the customer leaving a glowing review about my Etsy shop’s service: Gold Apple Arts (

I look forward to making more people happier with my gift experience.

Handmade Purple cube jewellery custom review

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Special gift wrapping service available

Here at Gold Apple Arts, presentation is paramount especially in the gift world. To help you with your gifting experience, all my jewellery is gift wrapped and comes with my exclusively decorated gift boxes making gifting easy. Find something special at my Etsy store:

Gift wrapped service now available
Exclusively designed by Gold Apple Arts:



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My first sale on Etsy

Delighted to have made my first sale on Etsy for one of my purple cube necklaces as seen here:

There are still 5 left in this edition and other designs online:

Minimalist handmade jewellery by a Gold Apple Arts

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Weekend Vibes

Limited art prints by Gold Apple Arts
Limited art prints by Gold Apple Arts

We lead such busy lifestyles, working hard and aspiring to reach our goals, striving for our families, working towards our career goals.

The weekends come and go so fast, for the fortunate to spend the time recuperating, taking time out is such an important aspect in our busy lifestyle.

For myself with an active career and starting an arts and crafts business, I take my weekends seriously. It is chance to catch up with family, loved ones and of course take time out doing things I enjoy.

This painting titled ‘Weekend Vibes‘ and depicts the various moods of a typical weekend. Before you know it, a new week is just around the corner!

Digital Prints are available on either canvas or framed. Contact for prices.

Best wishes,


Artist @ Gold Apple Arts

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Gold Apple Arts web site is now officially open

Artist & crafts maker Shane Maxwell from the UK has just published his official web site using WordPress.

It’s been a huge learning curve, discovering which web platforms to choose from. For me WordPress suited my customisation requirements to help the promotion of my artworks, jewellery and photograph restoration services.

Shane Maxwell, the owner of Gold Apple Arts Limited is delighted with his new web site: Gold Apple Arts website.

Gold Apple Arts is founded by Shane Maxwell, a company he runs from home in his spare time.

One of the hardest aspects of working for yourself is time management and when you’re in charge of every aspect of your business, it can be a real challenge to keep up.

Read his full bio here.