Artist Bio

I was born in the early seventies in Brighton, a coastal town in the south of England UK.

My earliest experiences in anything creative began with painting and drawing in my childhood. Interests developed with anything mechanical, electronic and an attraction to colour.

Throughout my childhood, I experimented with traditional art materials from pencil line work, watercolouring painting and acrylics. Much later into my teens I got into home computing graphics.

At school my favourite subjects were art and Design Technology.

Moving into my career phase, started off with an apprenticeship in Technical Drawing & Cartography. Whilst training I gained qualifications in Graphic Design and Computer Aided Design. I was accepted as a full time employee at the same company where I furthered my skill base and qualifications in computerised geographic mapping, information technology and digital media.

After work I continued remaining an artist and studied Photography, Art techniques at night school.

Later adapted into digital photography and applied skills earlier acquired for digital manipulation. This opened up painting digitally, now known as New Media paintings.

Fashion, Art, Design and Jewellery.

Heavy influences on the relationship between Fashion, Art and Design led me to experiment in creating jewellery brooches. These led to making them as gifts for my relatives.