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Finding your special connection

Whether you’re into your healing crystals or searching for uniquely designed jewellery. We host only one off exclusive items that are modestly affordable. Featured here is our one of a kind Sodalite Pendant necklace wrapped with Copper and set with a pure white stone.

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Handmade Sodalite  Crystal Pendant  Necklace
Healing Jewellery: Sodalite Pendant necklace
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Handmade wire wrapped Raw Amethyst Necklace, one of a kind, Crystal Healing Jewellery by Gold Apple Arts Limited

This specially selected highly esteemed Purple Raw Amethyst Crystal Cluster is complimented with a solid Copper hand wire wrap design and accompanied by a Rose Gold plated necklace.

On the reverse of the Amethyst Crystal, the outer rock layer has been carefully removed to reveal the crystals dark green layer, with moderate shaping hewn by hand, the copper wire work naturally contours around the stone. The Copper wire work combines a loop securely threading the Rose Gold necklace.

This is a distinguished crystal pendant jewellery focuses on the connection of Copper and Amethyst Crystal, which is believed to enhance the power of the crystal.

Amethyst Crystal is known for it healing properties to help with stimulation, soothing both the mind and emotions, making it perfect to wear after a stressful day or removing negative energy associated with the use of technology.

A classy and highly polished healing crystal pendant comes with a 24 inch Rose Gold plated curb necklace.

Pendant Weight with necklace: 24grams

Zodiac sign: Aquarius, January 21st to February 19th.


A truly unique and exclusive handmade jewellery item, designed by Gold Apple Arts Limited (UK) and on sale at:

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Exclusive Amethyst Crystal pendant necklace by Gold Apple Arts Limited

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Copper and Quartz Crystal Generator Pendant

Unique handmade generator pendant Pure Quartz stone and a tailor made Copper hammered harness:
This unique and handmade generator pendant is formed around a single Pure Quartz stone and a tailor made Copper hammered harness. It is said that Copper enhances the power of Quartz Crystal magnifying the stones energy.

This necklace can be used for Chakra balancing, protection and healing. The Rose Gold necklace is threaded through two loops on the Copper casting, making it easy to take the Quartz Crystal off to especially apply with other Chakra stones on your healing table.

Copper – stimulates flow of energy, helps with lethargy, channeling energy, cleansing, purification, increasing self esteem and setting free mental burdens.

Pure Quartz- ability to clear the mind of negativity, enhance higher spiritual receptiveness, magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other Crystals or Chakras stones.

A unique and exclusive handmade jewellery item, designed by Gold Apple Arts Limited (UK).

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Quartz and Copper Generator pendant necklace designed by Gold Apple Arts Limited
Quartz and Copper Generator Pendant necklace designed by Gold Apple Arts Limited